Pixel Vans

Pixel Vans is a dynamic advertising company based in Chicago, specializing in Mobile Billboard advertising services. Their unique approach leverages eye-catching digital displays on vans to reach audiences in high-traffic areas, such as local sports events, festivals, and city centers, generating over 30,000 impressions daily.

Project Objectives:

Pixel Vans approached our web design and development agency with the goal of creating a compelling online platform to showcase their innovative advertising services. The primary objectives of the project were as follows:

  1. Modern and Dynamic Design: Develop a visually appealing and dynamic website that mirrors the creativity and vibrancy of Pixel Vans’ advertising approach.
  2. Information Accessibility: Ensure potential clients can easily access detailed information about their Mobile Billboard services, coverage areas, and case studies.
  3. Audience Engagement: Create an engaging platform with interactive features that educate and captivate visitors about the advertising potential.
  4. Lead Generation: Facilitate the submission of inquiries and requests for quotes to attract potential clients.
  5. SEO Optimization: Implement SEO best practices to enhance search engine visibility and attract local businesses and event organizers.


The Pixel Vans website has been an outstanding success, effectively showcasing their innovative Mobile Billboard advertising services. Key outcomes include:

  • A modern and dynamic online presence that reflects Pixel Vans’ creativity.
  • Increased user engagement and inquiries through an intuitive submission system.
  • Improved search engine visibility, attracting local businesses and event organizers.

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