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The Cool Moon Web Developer and Designer.

I’m an independent web designer and developer. I enjoy building creative websites for a variety of businesses and niches. 

I have 15 Years experience in digital marketing, including several well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Vauxhall and Mars.

A lot of this was turning creative things in to numbers and numbers in to creative things.

For the last 7 years I’ve worked independently consulting for Fashion Brands, helping with their Digital Marketing and Sales. This enabled me to immerse myself among many creative, yet business minded individuals.

Along the way, I’ve closely analysed hundreds, if not, thousands of websites. Some fantastic, others, well… not so.

The creative parts of the job were what I truly enjoyed as well as web design/development (that I did a bit in my free time and as a consultant). What became a passion in the form of a side-project became part of a bigger calling and… The Cool Moon was born.

I also promised a bit more about my interests… well, I’m a big music nerd and have played guitar for almost 20 years.

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